About MES Central School

MES Central School, Calicut was established with the noble aim of imparting modern education in an atmosphere of Islamic culture and tradition. The school situated 8 kms away from Calicut city at Pavangad junction, functions in a serene atmosphere with an infrastructure consisting of all modern amenities. All the classrooms are digitalized & latest methodologies are adapted in the classrooms as well. Montessori education is imported to tiny tots. From classes VI to X, NCERT syllabus is followed. The school gives great emphasis on all round development of the personality of each student. Students are taught to be independent and self-reliant.

Salient Features

  • Support and guidance from MES School Education Board
  • Focus on value education and secular outlook
  • Facilitating customs of all religions
  • Emphasis on Islamic culture
  • Systematic curricular programme promoting Athletic, Artistic and Literary talents
  • Separate play area for Sports, Indoor games like Chess and Carroms, Karate and Roller Skating
  • Digitalized Classroom

Aims & Objectives

MES Central School makes every effort to recognize and to meet the need of students as individuals while aff irming that education is a collaboration of community, family and student. Character formation is very essential for any sound educational system. The school gives great emphasis on all round development of the personality of each student. A sound practical knowledge based on the latest techniques and requirements of the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education is our sole aim. Games and physical education have an appropriate place in the time table.

The school gives great emphasis to activities outside the ordinary classroom routine. Important traits of character like Honesty, Self- Confidence, Co-operation, Leadership and Responsibility are stressed upon.

A proper use of audio-visual and Library Facilities, Clubs, Debates , Elocution , Quiz Contests, Dance, Drawing , Music, Karate are some of the cultural and educational activities in which students are expected to participate in order to build confidence and self-esteem.


Jb. M.P.C Nazer


Jb. T.P.M. Sajal Muhammed



Vice Chairman

Jb.Navas Koyissery

Jt. Secretary



Jb. Ahamed Koya


Jb. Hafiz Mohamed


Jb. P.V. Abdul Gafoor


Jb. Thasveer Hassan


Jb. C. Salad


Jb. C. Faisal Koyilandy


Jb. M. Aboobacker Haji


Jb. Shamsu


Jb.T. Sajid


Jb.V. Mohammed Rasik