A multi-dimensional approach is followed in the broad frame work of the school curriculum which makes learning effective and enjoyable. The primary school students are gradually introduced to a more formal pattern of learning. Montessori teaching is followed in Pre Primary classes. Class I’st onwards CBSE syllabus is followed. The Syllabus provides scope for originality and creativity, while emphasis is laid on understanding of the subject matter. Progress is determined by the work sheet assignments given every month. To make learning more captivating we have introduced digital teaching and learning in our school. Teachers are now able to use videos, animations, live Images and graphics while teaching the chosen topic in the ‘smart classrooms”.

The school follows a three language formula for standard 1 to 8 offering English, Malayalam and Hindi. In classes 1 to 8 Malayalam should be opted as second or third language. From class 6 onwards Muslim students may opted for Arabic as their second language. In order to inculcate moral values Islamic studies for Muslim students and Moral Instruction for Non-Muslim students are imparted from class I onwards.

Teaching Faculty

At MES Central School we believe in effective teaching which requires a blended of innovative teaching styles, techniques and activities. Our qualified and experienced teachers combine expertise with resourcefulness to bring out the best in the students. The school infrastructure incorporates digitalised classrooms which enable learning to be more effective & interesting. The unique student – teacher relationships ensure that students are able to realise and develop their potential.

The Montessori Method

The MES Central School follows the most widely accepted system of child education for the pre-primary level – Montessori method of learning in the primary classes. Montessori Method is defined as “education by means of liberty in a prepared environment” making learning an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and love for learning.

The Montessori Method is designed in such a manner that the impetus of the holistic development of the child comes from the child himself. The child ,is the center of education and the teacher is a guide and observer in the process of learning. Environments are created in which the child’s personality can be made to flower and grow to its fullest potential.

Co-Curricular Activities

When learning is supported by activities that not only stimulate the mental faculties, but also build up the self -esteem of the students it becomes a really enjoyable process. At our school we promote this principle. Our teachers facilitate active participation through project works, seminars, inter- active class room teaching, field trips and excursions. All of these activities generate excitement and interest in the students in the process of acquisition of knowledge.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The MES Central school gives much importance to extra-curricular activities which give every student valuable opportunities to realize his/her potential.These activities promote healthy inter-personal relationships and cultivate values like co-operation, commitment and excellence. For children expressions through their talent give them a sense of fulfilment and achievement. The cultural activities at all levels are organized in the school to identity & nurture the talents of children. Almost every student develops the confidence to reach the center stage and in the process they develop initiative, creative, originality and organizational skills.

Sports & Games

At MES Central School, physical training, games and athletics are employed to the best advantage of students to promote physical development and a healthy spirit of competition. Even though competent staff is always present to give guidance, the maximum scope is given for initiative and leadership among the students themselves. Skills training is imparted during the physical education periods within and outside school hours. Besides provisions for usual sports and games and Karate training, band music practice are also given.

Public Speaking

The school promotes the development of oratorical skills of the students which receive on added impetus through the inter house speech competitions, seminars and discussions held in the school premises.

Computer Center

Tho school has a well-equipped computer center, keeping in mind the tremendous advances in the field of information technology.


Organized club activities bring together students who wish to utilize their energy constructively.The students are encouraged to become members of various clubs like the literary club,Eco club,Science club, Green Club, Debate Club, Quiz Club and Quran Forum functioning in the school. These clubs play a major role in contributing towards the overall development of the students.