At MES Central School, a spacious well equipped library facility is available for the students of MES Central School to gain new knowledge, skills and dispositions for learning and personal development that they can use throughout their lives. The library functions up to 3.45 pm.

Sports & Games

The school boasts of a spacious ground for outdoor games. Students are also encouraged to play indoor games. A full-fledged unit of Scouts and Guides functions in the school to develop a sense of social awareness and discipline among students. The school is proud to have its own School Band for Girls as well as Boys.

Computer Education

The school has a computer lab to meet the demands of our students. Computer classes are conducted for all. From standard 1 onwards KIPS curriculum is followed in Computer Science.

Smart Class

Today is the era of smart classrooms which make learning fun through the use of digital equipment like the VCD or DVD player or laptops and computers, fitted to a projector. The teacher conducts Smart classes using a viewing screen that is attached to the projector. Students will assimilate the audio-visual information that is projected on the screen and learn about the topic. To make the teaching learning process interesting and effective all classes have Smart Class interactive board facility by Extra Marks.

Audio- Visual Room

At MES Central School, we believe teaching should go beyond classroom education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instruction with audio visual aids. To assist in this effort, our school has a fully equipped. Audio Visual Room which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities

Music Room

MES Central School promotes music education and all the benefits that can be gained through it’s learning. Our aim is to faster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, teach critical social skills and engender creativity and innovation. The school has a separate music room equipped with musical instruments to promote the musical talents of students.

Art Room

Art and craft is a way to promote aesthetic expression in students, helping them to exhibit skills and also is a self-rewarding activity. The school has an Art and Craft room dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through art education and artistic development.


The School Auditorium is a centre for performing arts which plays an integral role for the holistic development of the student’s personality. The school has a spacious auditorium that helps to promote the latent talent of the students facilitating different meetings, arts and cultural events, debates, story-telling, group discussions, dance and music theatre etc., essential for their overall personality development.


The school encourages students to have healthy, nutritious home food. Hence a Canteen facility is available inside the campus on all working days. The Canteen serves healthy , nutritious and fresh food throughout the year to students.